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Stranger Things 2 - A Masterclass in Trailer Editing

On Friday the 13th, Netflix released the final trailer for the upcoming second season of its hit show, "Stranger Things". Considering the popularity of the first season, their creative team could have safely rested on its powerful laurels. Instead, they provided us with a mesmerizing promotion that may be hard to live up to come the show's release on October 27th. Having a rabid, built-in fanbase, can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to advertising. Will you get viewership? Of course. Will you garner excitement? Most likely. Will you receive criticism? Not a shadow of a doubt. In a day and age when audiences can watch trailers on repeat, analyzing each sequence frame-by-frame, finding that sweet spot between visual excitement, heartfelt emotion, and spoiler-free storytelling, is like finding a needle in a field of haystacks. Fortunately for us, these guys had a metal detector.

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